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A creative entrepreneur, high-performance specialist & life enthusiast.

Apart from those fancy 'titles', I consider myself as an open-minded and authentic person, with an infinite drive to live life to its fullest.

My drive leapt me into high-performance in sports, building a fast-growing start-up company, and being among the final best start-up entrepreneurs in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately, in September 2017, I was faced with my toughest ever (health) crisis and decided I could no longer lead the team and operations.

Looking back, I've been privileged to experience both ends of the spectrum, from joy, (business) highs, and living in incredible places like Amsterdam, Barcelona, London and Bali, to walking the road of failure, loss, the sudden death of my best friend, and surviving a critical illness.

The suffering  was a mirror to show me the hard truth (about myself) and forced me into an inevitable transformation. In this process, I captured my lessons-learned, enriched my perspectives and developed a deep understanding on how to rewire my systems to get some serious balance and meaning back into my life.

Within 2 years I completly reversed my life, started a new company and founded The Self-improvement Blueprint, through which impact the lives and results of individuals around the world, whilst enjoying an extraordinary life in Bali.

Dedicating my growth and (future) work to my dearest friend Dennis (†).

What sets me apart in this field

"It felt like he really cared about me. As if it was for the sake of his own growth".

I walk my talk

I learned my lessons through real-life experiences, I've achieved remarkable milestones, dealt with failure and fought through the inevitable setbacks in life.

I earned my badges

Although I'm not a firm believer of degrees, I hold my BA in Business Admin and my certifications as a NLP Master Practitioner and KBB Broker.

I live to learn

I continuously deepen my knowledge by studying proven scientific research, attending courses & reading books in support of my mission.

I get to the core

I'm a 100% people person, empowered by an adequate set of EI skills allowing me to uncover (almost) every cause-effect relationship.

I make things work

I'm intuitive and pracital at the same time, making me a great soundingboard to help you convert your ideas into detailed plans and disciplined habits.

I get you hard results

I'm a likeable and open-minded guy, however, working with me can be considered as challenging and confronting. I'm in it to help you create results!


I'm far from perfect and have made more mistakes than you can count. But at least I've learned to fail forward!

What distinguishes me is my infinite drive and determination to extract meaning from the inevitable challenges in life and business, using them as a feedback loop to develop myself (and others) into a wiser, stronger and more capable version.

Because of it, I’ve developed a deep understanding on ‘why we do what we do’, empowered by a set of profound capabilities for revealing clarity, developing and apply self-awareness, outgrowing toxic coping mechanisms, multiplying productivity and maximizing (personal) growth & well-being.

In support of work, I’ve been deepening my knowledge through studying proven scientific research and the latests self-improvement books, as well as through learning from the best of the best leaders in the industry, such as Michael Neill, Brendon Burchard, James Clear, Tony Robbins and Robin Sharma.

On professional level, my experiences range from designing and executing growth strategies to building high-performance teams, raising capital and outgrowing the challenges that come with building a fast-growing business.

The lessons learned from building customer-centric software solutions, I now apply to design strategies that help individuals to grow from the inside-out.

Long story short, I feel most alive when I can make a difference.









Problem solving


Determination & Passion



Feel to reach out or book a free clarity call.

Be better, do good

As a big fan of the project, I've chosen to donate 1% of monthly revenue to The Ocean Cleanup, which is a non-profit organization, developing advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. The ultimate goal of the project is to clean up 50% of the patch in five years, with a 90% reduction by 2040.