The first step to personal mastery: reclaiming responsibility.

Whether you’re working hard, but not breaking through. Getting things done, but not feeling fulfilled or walking the extra mile, but not feeling recognised.

Your challenge is not the problem. It’s a symptom of something that lies deeper than what you’re currently paying attention to.

The only real challenge are your deep-rooted barriers, characterised by your desire for certainty, social acceptance, status or any other of your ancient desire.

They are the ones preventing you from seeing the reality, including yourself, accurately and keeping you stuck in a cycle of defensive, avoidant or controlling behaviour.

Your first step in mastering your next level of growth, is reclaiming responsibility for what you’re experiencing in life, business or your relationship.

And since you’re on this page, I assume you do. Congratulations on that!

A strategic approach to your next level of growth.

I’m probably not what you expect from a coach, neither am I going to fix your problems or promise you easy money and quick results.

As a specialist in the industry, I strive to raise the bar by designing highly practical strategies and tools that teach you exactly how to think and grow beyond your current reality.

A significant part of my work is focused on revealing clarity, developing an understanding of self and reprograming the limiting beliefs and mental blockages in regards to the problem/symptom in question.

As a result of my work, I’ve established and refined a blueprint, which has been adopted among top entrepreneurs and c-level professionals to well-known influencers and models, to transform themselves into a more rational, self-aware, fulfilled and productive human beings. 

Scroll down to learn more about my intensive 12-week program, The Self-improvement Blueprint, or click on the button below to jump on a 2-hour Personal Strategy Session with me. 


An intensive deep dive to elevate your perspective and accelerate your growth.

What is The Self-improvement Blueprint?

The Self-improvement Blueprint is an intensive 12-week program, created upon the hard-won lessons that I learned, over €25.000-worth of the best personal development courses, books and masterminds, and further refined through hundreds of hours of dedicated coaching practice.

It’s a proven framework and the ultimate toolbox that can be repeatedly applied to any area in life, but forces you to face the one area that needs your time and attention the most.

As your coach, I’ll guide you through the 5 leading modules, empowering you to elevate your perspective and to develop the fundamental skills for revealing and understanding your own depths.

On top of the groundwork, I teach you the methods for shaping your better-self and bigger vision, supported by systems to help you tear down your barriers while realigning your decisions with your values and long-term goals.

What to expect when you strategically explore and develop your better self.

  • The Self-Improvement Blueprint is an intensive 12 week program that requires high levels of focus and dedication.
  • Throughout the course of 12 weeks, I’ll guide and support you when needed.
  • You'll receive the offical SIB workbook, including 160+ pages of practical tools and guidance to help you implement and retain important information. Your brain will thank you for using this workbook.
  • I'll hold you accountable for showing up and doing the work that is required.
  • I'll challenge and confront you, by giving exactly what you need, not what you want.


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What you will learn:

Reveal clarity & direction

To create clarity and direction in the midst of your 24/7 hustle, so you can focus on the things and actions that will serve your growth most.

Develop self-awareness

To develop a deep understanding of who you are and what you value, so you can make better decisions in life and business.

Build self-esteem

To implement tiny improvements that are aligned with your personality and vision, allowing you to develop both your skills and confidence.

Cultivate leadership skills

To cultivate (personal) leadership skills, empowering you to outgrow your current circumstances and manage external influences & obstacles.

Engage critical thinking

To engage your critical thinking, creating space to gain perspective and find solutions so you can make the best possible decision in any given situation.

Outgrow personal barriers

To recognize and defuse from your limiting thought patterns, allowing to outgrow your (toxic) coping mechanism.

Set systematic goals

To set realistic, but challenging, goals, backed by a systematic achievement plan, increasing your efficiency, impact and results.

Continuous self improvement

The art of clarity, making value-based decisions, building good habits and executing strategies that result in new levels of growth and well-being.


What my clients are saying

Elmar Bonke COO, Platform 161 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I started the course with the initial intention to level up my life. Two weeks later my body collapsed and I hit the rock-bottom of my (emotional and physical) life. This was needed to go through a tough transformation, saying goodbye to my old E [...]

Merel van der Wouden Strategic Negotiation Coach | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I started working with Jord because I wanted to step up my business game and I knew I needed to break the cycle of some limiting patterns and behaviours. The overall program helped me to create structure and narrow down my focus. Some of the tools [...]

Daan Smit Founder of Brandfirm | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The reason why I started working with Jord is that, after selling my company, I lacked clarity and direction in my life, and found myself having too much freedom and falling back into toxic habits. All because I lost the structure that I had been [...]

Lena Sommerdijk Founder of L'AGENCY | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I met Jord via a friend and first signed up for his individual coaching program. I’ve done some coaching before but the set up of this course was different than the experiences I had so far. Jord is an intelligent guy and a great communicator [...]

Guarantee your personal growth, strategically.

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Services & pricing

6 reasons to work with me:

"It felt like he really cared about me. As if it was for the sake of his own growth".

I walk my talk

I learned my lessons through real-life experiences, I've achieved remarkable milestones, dealt with failure and fought through the inevitable setbacks in life.

I earned my badges

Although I'm not a firm believer of degrees, I hold my BA in Business Admin and my certifications as a NLP Master Practitioner and KBB Broker.

I live to learn

I continuously deepen my knowledge by studying proven scientific research, attending courses & reading books in support of my mission.

I get to the core

I'm a 100% people person, empowered by an adequate set of EI skills allowing me to uncover (almost) every cause-effect relationship.

I make things work

I'm intuitive and pracital at the same time, making me a great soundingboard to help you convert your ideas into detailed plans and disciplined habits.

I get you hard results

I'm a likeable and open-minded guy, however, working with me can be considered as challenging and confronting. I'm in it to help you create results!