Embody Your Highest Potential In Life & Business.

I’m not overemphasising when I say that every committed client I've worked with has turned their major challenges into transformational growth and meaningful change.

Most of them worked every hour against the clock to reach the summit of the so-called first mountain. Successful and happy on paper, yet, on the inside, feeling restless, unfulfilled, and often unsure about which decisions were right for them and their future.

As their coach I guided them through the single and most crucial process for embodying their unique potential on a personal, professional and spiritual level:

Discovering and integrating the unexplored parts of their personality.   

Without professional guidance, this work can take years of your time, expensive trial and error, AND eventually lead to a devastating breakdown of your performance, finances, well-being and interpersonal relationships.

So why waste more of your time or risk the painful consequences, when we can embrace the discomfort as a tool to explore and unleash your highest potential?

What It Takes To Cultivate Your Highest Potential.

The world around us is changing rapidly and many intelligent, well-intended, determined individuals want to develop their personalities.

They want to excel in their careers. They want to grow their level of confidence. They want to rise out of conformity. They want to enrich their lives. And they want to feel free to do so.

And like most of them, you’ve probably been reading self-help books, listening to podcasts, participating in self-leadership workshops or, as many of my clients, attended one of the UPW events by Tony Robbins.

All of these activities are logical and often necessary steps, but when you look back over time, very little change has taken place.

This is because insights and motivation hardly ever outweigh the subconscious coping strategies learned for dealing with adversity and painful experiences in early life.

Growing into your most authentic and powerful-self may not require you to soak in more content, as much as it requires the willingness to discover and integrate the unexplored parts of your personality.

Why Is It So Hard To Find The Right Answers?

Because the self-leadership industry is a mess. The majority of the coaches, ‘guru’s’ and self-entitled influencers have (unknowingly) designed their messages to make you feel good and part of something — an identity or group — you secretly like to identify yourself with.

The reason many people fall prey to these messages are that:

1: They don’t feel good about themselves,

2: They want what ‘they’ seem to have,

3: They want the path of least resistance.

4: They want to feel accomplished (or at least avoid feeling weak or incompetent).

But what if what you think you want is not what you need?

What if that mindset is keeping you locked in the behaviours, attitudes and beliefs that have co-created the current challenges and/or conflicts you’re trying to overcome?

AND what if what you really wanted was the freedom to make decisions that are aligned with YOUR integrity and values, but this level of freedom required you to turn towards the things that don’t make you feel good? Would you still be curious?

Working With Jord.

If that’s the level of freedom you’re seeking for, then working with me will be one of the best investments you’ve made so far.

And that’s not hyperbole. That’s based on the results of the 250+ remarkable individuals I’ve worked with.

As your coach, I’m here to guide you through the single and most crucial process for embodying your unique potential on a personal, professional and spiritual level.

It’s my job to identify the cause and effect relationship of the various (inter)personal and professional challenges you’ve been dealing with, so we can focus our attention on the underlying root cause.

This deep interactive work is my zone of mastery, allowing me to unfold the unexplored and repressed parts of your personality, as well as, to help you reclaim and integrate these disowned parts back into your conscious personality.

All of this, while I’m guiding you through the evidence-based strategies and tools, designed to help you turn every challenge or conflict into an opportunity for growth and meaningful change.

Scroll down to learn more about my 12-week Mastery Program, or click on the button below to book a 1-1 Mastery Session with me.

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An intensive deep dive to elevate your perspective and accelerate your growth.

Learn The Approach That Has Transformed The Lives Of Many.

Whether you want to excel in business, experience more meaning, make more impact, become a better leader, partner, or parent or you want to grow into your most real, confident and powerful self…

My 12-week mastery program has the power to profoundly change your life forever.

As your coach, I’ll guide you through the 5 core modules of my program, The Self-Improvement Blueprint, designed for:

    • revealing radical clarity
    • developing a deep yet practical level of self-awareness
    • creating a bold yet realistic vision
    • reprogramming limiting beliefs and mental blockages
    • developing systems for consistent and progressive action
    • building habits for optimizing health, energy and focus.

The learnings and insights you’ll get from this program will empower you to live and lead from a genuine foundation of feeling whole, confident, fulfilled and alive AS you’re maximizing your time here.

Read more about the 5 core modules at the bottom of this page.

Here's How Much Time You'll Need.

Throughout the course of 12 weeks, you’ll hop on weekly Mastery calls (90min) with me, in which we do the deep transformational work and where I tackle your toughest questions.

To help you maximize your progress, I specifically designed ‘The SIB Workbook’ containing 160+ pages of proven methods, tools and growth assignments to help Discover, Identify, Understand and Integrate your learnings and insights. 

I recommend spending at least an hour per week to reflect and complete your growth assignments and, if you’d like, engage with me as your coach.

You’ll also get access to my online learning program, including 12 advanced training videos, so you can revisit and review the training materials at any time, and you’ll probably want to use them in the future.

My 1:1 Coaching Will Empower You To:


Become an authentic, confident and powerful (self) leader that embraces every challenge, obstacle or trigger as an opportunity to learn and grow — you seek the truth, choose what’s right and dare to eliminate what no longer serves you.

Lead a life beyond the immediate rush of daily events and everyday conformity — you no longer settle nor sacrifice for anything that doesn’t align with who you are, what you value and what you aspire in the long run.

Evolve out of your suppressed and subconscious patterns — you acknowledge and understand your shadow-self, it’s fears, insecurities and destructive patterns, whikst mastering the ability to recognize, observe and evolve from it.

Master the biggest and most impactful change of your life — you feel clear, confident and ready to grow beyond the #1 barrier that has been holding you back from ‘that’ next level in your life, business or relationship(s).

Grow (back) into your best and truest-self  — you embody the knowledge, habits and tools that allow you to feel whole, healthy, confident, fulfilled and alive AS you’re maximizing your time here.

Apply to work with Jord.

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This Program Offers The Most Exclusive Way To Work With Me.

This way of working is not for everyone — I want to work with you if you’re playing full out in life & business and see or are about to create a vision beyond profit, popularity and conformity.  

You’re willing to do the inner-work and tear down the barriers that have been holding you back from living your truest and fullest potential.

This is your chance to grow (back) into your most authentic, confident and powerful self and to live in integrity with your values and goals.

The Investment For The 12-week Intensive Starts At:


What My Clients Are Saying?

Ben Booterkoper CEO at CIL China | Guangzhou, China

To put it clearly, I wasn’t happy with the life I was living and realized I didn’t get any energy and excitement out of my work anymore. Personal and work-related issues became a part of life as well as health issues such as hyperventilation, pani [...]

Elmar Bonke COO, Platform 161 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I started the course with the initial intention to level up my life. Two weeks later my body collapsed and I hit the rock-bottom of my (emotional and physical) life. This was needed to go through a tough transformation, saying goodbye to my old E [...]

Merel van der Wouden Strategic Negotiation Coach | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I started working with Jord because I wanted to step up my business game and I knew I needed to break the cycle of some limiting patterns and behaviours. The overall program helped me to create structure and narrow down my focus. Some of the tools [...]

Daan Smit Founder of Brandfirm | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The reason why I started working with Jord is that, after selling my company, I lacked clarity and direction in my life, and found myself having too much freedom and falling back into toxic habits. All because I lost the structure that I had been [...]

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There are currently 2 spots available, click below to schedule your intro call.

Here’s The Exact Framework Of The Program.

Module 1

Reveal Radical Clarity

In the first module, you’ll learn a framework to help you to reassess your current priorities in life, along with your levels of satisfaction. Empowering you to pivot your time and attention on ‘the one thing’, also known as, the one area where you’ve been holding yourself back from living your truest self and fullest potential.

Knowing your ‘one thing’ opens the door to reveal radical clarity on your current circumstances, your (lack of) responsibility and your desired future. As well as, to discover your deepest why and the capabilities needed to bridge the gap between where you are today versus where you want to.

At the end of this module, you master the skills to reveal clarity and direction in the midst of today’s 24/7 hustle culture, while knowing EXACTLY what to focus on over the next 3-6 months.

Module 2

Understand Your Personality

In the second module, you’ll learn the fundamental skills for shaping and understanding your core values, supported by a framework to help you reassess your current levels of fulfilment and how to (re)align your day to day decisions with the things you value most.

You’ll also learn how to reveal and understand the attributes of your personality, allowing you to leverage your unique strengths, empowered by methods and tools to help you eliminate the things, activities and relationships that don’t serve your growth or well-being in this area.

After this module, you’ll feel more confident and know what decisions are right for you in order to live aligned with who you are, what you are capable of and things you value.

Module 3

Envision Your Bigger Future

In the third module, you’ll learn how to approach your growth from the inside-out, by shaping your best-self identity and creating your bigger vision backed by an NLP-based framework that aims to optimize your focus, increase your motivation and create a structure for your next-level of growth.

At the end of this module, you are intentional about who you want to be and how to show up like this person in your everyday life, while knowing exactly where you want to go and how you’re going to get there, supported by a set of disciplined habits to help you optimize your energy levels, maximize your mental clarity and increase your productivity.

Module 4

Outgrow Your Personal Barriers

In the fourth module, you’ll learn how to strategically unfold your barriers, supported by a framework to backtrack their origin, empowering you to do things way out of your current reach and allowing you to evolve out of suppressed and subconscious patterns.
You’ll also learn a step by step approach to help you recognize and cope with the mechanisms that have been holding you back from ‘that’ next level, along with tools to design and rewire the script of your auto-response.
By the completion of this module, you master the ability to unfold your barriers enabling you to reclaim your power by knowing how to defuse from your conditioned patterns and how to integrate new habits.

Module 5

Maximize Your Momentum

In the fifth module, you’ll learn to accelerate your growth by designing a structured process that clarifies exactly what, and when to do, so you no longer have to rely on your willpower.

You’ll also learn how to maximize your momentum by using methods and tools to help you manage your priorities, stick to your habits and to learn from your experiences as you’re growing.

After this module, you’re ready. You’ve backed your learnings and plans by a step-by-step strategic plan, allowing you to execute consistently on the right strategies.

Apply for the 12-week intensive program

There are currently 2 spots available, click below to schedule your intro call.