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Encouraging high-impact individuals to think and grow beyond the box.

We all rely on our mental boxes, formed by our experiences in the earliest years of our lives. Period.

The question is: is your box supporting or sabotaging you?

No matter how much we resist change, life, business and relationships all go in cycles and each new cycles comes with (personal) challenges.

To master these challenges, one must train himself to detach from the immediate rush of events, so he can elevate his perspective, reassess his priorities, improve his skills and accelerate into ‘that’ next level of growth.

Easier said than done (I know), but more important than ever.

This is why I have made it my work to empower high-impact individuals in mastering the premier skill of the 21st century, so they can experience growth, fulfilment and well-being as they amplify their performance and impact.

Guarantee your personal growth, strategically.

You can hope to grow, or you can guarantee your strategic personal growth.

Hi, I'm Jord — an Entrepreneur, Personal Mastery specialist & Life enthusiast.

Apart from all the fancy titles, I consider myself as an open-minded and authentic person, with an infinite drive to live life to its fullest.

My drive leapt me into high-performance in sports, building a fast-growing start-up company, and being among the final best start-up entrepreneurs in the Netherlands.

But life didn’t work out as planned, I went from an aspiring start-up entrepreneur, to hitting rock bottom, facing my toughest ever (health) crisis and losing pretty much everything I was fighting for.

2 years fast forward, I’m living an extradonary life and runnig a successful business that allows to guide high-impact individuals through radical change and to take people on extremely intensive personal-mastery expeditions around the world.

Dedicating my growth and (future) work to my dearest friend Dennis (†).

What my clients are saying?

Elmar Bonke COO, Platform 161 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I started the course with the initial intention to level up my life. Two weeks later my body collapsed and I hit the rock-bottom of my (emotional and physical) life. This was needed to go through a tough transformation, saying goodbye to my old E [...]

Merel van der Wouden Strategic Negotiation Coach | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I started working with Jord because I wanted to step up my business game and I knew I needed to break the cycle of some limiting patterns and behaviours. The overall program helped me to create structure and narrow down my focus. Some of the tools [...]

Daan Smit Founder of Brandfirm | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The reason why I started working with Jord is that, after selling my company, I lacked clarity and direction in my life, and found myself having too much freedom and falling back into toxic habits. All because I lost the structure that I had been [...]

Lena Sommerdijk Founder of L'AGENCY | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I met Jord via a friend and first signed up for his individual coaching program. I’ve done some coaching before but the set up of this course was different than the experiences I had so far. Jord is an intelligent guy and a great communicator [...]


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