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Encouraging high-impact individuals to excel in and enrich the full spectrum of life.

More than ever we are challenged by the preprogrammed ideas of what success and happiness should look like, we find ourselves running too fast at a career, at an idealistic goal, or relationship.

Often, too fixated on the outcome, rather than engaged in the process and aligned with our potential.

It’s a broken approach and the recipe for insecure achievers & mediocre performance.

This is why I created The Self-improvement Blueprint, a framework that has proven its success among 100+ high impact individuals, ranging from Entrepreneurs and Professionals to Influencers.

Hi, I'm Jord — an Entrepreneur, Personal Mastery specialist & Life enthusiast.

Apart from all the fancy titles, I consider myself as an open-minded and authentic person, with an infinite drive to live life to its fullest.

My drive leapt me into high-performance in sports, building a fast-growing start-up company, and being among the final best start-up entrepreneurs in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately, in September 2017, I was faced with my toughest ever (health) crisis and forced to decide that I could no longer lead the team and operations.

2 years fast forward, I’m empowering high-impact individuals to accelerate their (personal) growth, impact and well-being and host extremely intensive self-improvement expeditions around the world, whilst enjoying an extraordinary life in Bali.

Dedicating my growth and (future) work to my dearest friend Dennis (†).

What my clients are saying?

Lena Sommerdijk Founder of L'AGENCY | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I met Jord via a friend and first signed up for his individual coaching program. I’ve done some coaching before but the set up of this course was different than the experiences I had so far. Jord is an intelligent guy and a great communicator [...]

Daan Smit Founder of Brandfirm | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The reason why I started working with Jord is that, after selling my company, I lacked clarity and direction in my life, and found myself having too much freedom and falling back into toxic habits. All because I lost the structure that I had been [...]

Roderick Schlimmer Entrepreneur & writer | Amsterdam, Netherlands

I was in a good place. Living the life I’ve always dreamt of, but something felt amiss. I was experiencing a lack of direction, no clear goal in sight and a general feeling of unfulfillment and unused potential. I used to have a coach at a former job [...]

Alexander van Rhijn Senior Investment Associate at Nobel Capital Partners | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

My intention to start working with a personal development coach was because I wasn't living up to my potential. I was lacking clarity and didn’t have hard (short-term) goals in place. As a consequence, I wasn’t in charge of the direction of my life a [...]

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